“I Want to See.”
By Blind Beggar Bart

Let It Be Done According To Your Word: The Vanity Of The Plans We Make

Dear Bart,
I was perturbed after a conversation with friends about my future personal plans. Their comments gave away an assessment of a low rate of success or, using the more pointed words: “rate of failure” (is high). Who wouldn’t be upset with such an assessment when you never asked to be assessed in the first place? (lol) Nevertheless I do appreciate the unsolicited input because, as 2013 is ending, I am forced to re-visit those personal plans and remember why they did not seem to have concrete timelines and targets. After a day, I was relieved to have remembered that it was simply because they were dependent on some more significant events to happen (if they do) in other areas of my life. I guess it’s just like Advent; the plans are in the season of waiting. But it is at the end of today, after hearing mass celebrating the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, that I remembered why I should not be so concerned with “rates of failures:” No matter how hard we do our best, our plans are bound to fail sooner or later, if they are not “according to His word.” – “Perturbed,” 12/09/2013.

Dear “Perturbed,”
There is nothing wrong with making plans – it is a essential to make life plans – for as long as you are constantly aware that you do NOT have 100% control of your life (which makes it a good idea to have several alternative plans) and that you know what truly matters, prioritizing those which would make you right with God. Life’s worth is not measured simply by how many of your plans or bucket list items are achieved but, yes, by how much you have lived your life according to His word, His divine plan. It’s difficult, but there are ways of discerning and knowing that you are in the right direction (a separate topic of discussion), which are heavily dependent on the depth of your relationship with God. And if you have put your trust in Him, you would not be afraid of failure rates, for they serve as sure pointers to the right direction. You would still do your best but let God do the rest! On this Feast of the Immaculate Conception, may we imitate Mary. She surely was perturbed by the angel’s sudden news that she was going to conceive a child, and it certainly messed up what was originally planned: she was supposed to marry Joseph first before conceiving! But, instead of answering “let me think about it first” to buy time for a planning session, armed only with the grace received, she just trusted and blurted out: Let it be done according to your word…

I am so glad to have written at least one article for 2013. Pray that I find more time to write. If you would like to email me and hopefully find my response in this column, please send it to admin@cafepearsall.com (for now) addressed to me, or go to Contact Us of this website. I will repost links to previous articles soon. Thanks! –BBB, 12/09/2013.