“I Want to See.”
By Blind Beggar Bart

Are We Mere Spectators?

Dear Bart,
Last year, I travelled to visit friends during the Triduum and wrote the following email after the trip: Upon arrival Thursday night I spent a few minutes in front of the Blessed Sacrament in one of the churches (as all churches were open until late night for "visita iglesia"). Then on Friday, we attended the Good Friday service at church as well as meditated on our Lord's passion via the Way of the Cross devotion. The 14-station pictures in the church were interesting because each picture inserted some modern day visuals which really made me reflect. For instance, in the picture where Jesus fell the first time, there was a man with a camera taking a picture of Jesus while he was on the ground, while the Roman soldier escorting Jesus was letting the man with the camera take the picture. It made me reflect on how we sometimes look at ourselves as mere "tourists" (spectators) of Jesus' life when we actually have to reflect on how His life relates to our own "realities" (situations in life). How I often fail to remember that God actively works in my life. Saturday night we had the Easter vigil. Though I often dread the thought of staying in church for a long time (about 2 hours), the Lord never fails to touch me once I open myself to Him, especially when I see catechumens get baptized and profess their faith… [I am] reminded of our baptismal call to be faithful and to proclaim the Good News: He is risen! – Anonymous, 4/15/2014.

Thanks, Anonymous, for your reflection. May all of us sincerely seek to encounter the Lord in our lives as we enter the Triduum, the holiest time of the liturgical year…

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