Little Italy, NYC: San Gennaro (Sep 2014)

Little Italy's Feast of San Gennaro (St. Januarius) is held every mid-September (the feast day of Naples' patron saint is September 19) along Mulberry Street in lower Manhattan, one of the last few streets lined with Italian restaurants in a neighborhood called "Little Italy" almost surrounded by what's now considered Chinatown. For travel tools to visit places shown on this page, click on the Travel tab. Divertiti!

Above, entrance to Mulberry St. from Canal St. From here, the fair stretches 6 blocks northward.

The street is crowded with people and stalls selling food, drinks, souvenirs, and games. Italian and American flags are flown conspicuously.

Even some of the intersecting streets (like Grand St.) have stalls and street decors. There were live entertainment and carnival rides as well.

Italian restaurants extend their eating areas into the street serving food and drinks.

In front of the rectory of the Most Precious Blood Church facing Mulberry St. the statue of San Gennaro is in public view. The church (behind the rectory, church entrance along Baxter St.), where the statue is kept, was founded in 1891 and is also the National Shrine Church of San Gennaro. It now serves mostly a Vietnamese congregation.

The image of San Gennaro with dollar bills pinned below it before saying a prayer for his intercession. An Italian bishop martyred during the time of Emperor Diocletian around 305AD, a relic of what is believed to be his blood is kept in the cathedral in Naples. The dried blood mysteriously liquefies when it is brought out for exposition twice a year.

Infront of one of the Italian restaurants along Mulberry St., Il Cortile, with the feast's signage. The restuarant offers an ambiance of an Italian courtyard (cortile).

$5 for 6 large pieces of zeppoles. As one of the sellers put it: "It's more than just fried dough (covered with powdered sugar). It's something more..." I agree; being a tradition already makes it special... just like the Feast of San Gennaro! Buona Festa!