“I Want to See.”
by Blind Beggar Bart

Loving Submission

Dear Bart,
Cardinal Tagle's video on the second reading on the Feast of the Holy Family clarifies St. Paul's admonition on "submission" and "obedience" in family life. These words have become taboo in today's society that over-emphasizes the "I" and "mine," and suspects the "we" and "ours" (due to the very same society that promotes the self-serving "I" and "mine"). – Anonymous, 12/28/2014.

Yes, Anonymous. Today's society often fails to acknowledge the bigger picture that the achievements of the "I" are possible only through the collaboration of many (knowingly or unknowingly). Thus, the commitment to a family vocation through the sacrament of marriage becomes more vital than that of the individual. It is in the family that one first learns the wisdom of the genuine "we." :-)

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