“I Want to See.”
by Blind Beggar Bart

The Ultimate Question

Resurrection by Kiko Arguello

[This year's Easter season is especially significant. I began this column 5 years ago also at Easter, and re-posting my very first article below seems to coincide with my on-going sense of coming to a full circle of some sort. In this re-post I made sure that this time it comes with another art work: How appropriate is Kiko Arguello's depiction of the gospel, read at the Easter Vigil a few weeks ago? It narrates how, upon reaching the tomb, the women did not find Christ's body but rather an angel announcing the greatest news to man! ...and the answer to the ultimate question. Happy reading and a blessed Easter season to all! -BBB, 4/18/2015]

What a day to coincide the first publication of this new column – Easter Sunday! I find it quite unusual for this site, dedicated to art-related themes, to showcase writings on spirituality. We rarely make the connection that spiritual writings are also literary works. In its description of what it is all about, the site mentions the “pursuit of a meaningful life…” How much closer can art be to such a pursuit when it touches on the divine, where lies the ultimate meaning of life? That is why the Church has always been a patron of the arts, particularly to that which helps man understand himself and his need for union with God. If an art work stirs us, it is because it touches a chord in our being. Then we become aware of our being, of our existence, of our life. And with that awareness, we once more come face to face with that ultimate question of man: What am I living for?

“I live to work… so that I could enjoy life… so that I could eat and buy things I need… so that I don’t have to depend on someone else… so that I could have my own family… so that I could get my children a good education… so that I could pay the bills when I am sick… so that I could do things I enjoy…” But why do you have to do all these? What if you suddenly die in an accident? What is the meaning of the life you left behind if you have not accomplished your plans? “I live to live, to keep myself alive and enjoy life… because there is no other alternative other than to die, so it's better to live my life fully… because when I die, at least I have shared my life with my children or loved ones or others... because that's how it is - it's the circle of life... because it is useless to think about this while living!” If you are going to die anyway, and the people you live for are going to die anyway too, why live?

All the answers fall short, don’t you think? And if you have better answers, feel free to email me via the site’s administrator (for now), admin@cafepearsall.com or go to Contact Us, and I will surely share your interesting answers in the next column. Why would we want to know the answer to such a philosophical question? We certainly would not want to know only to be burdened by it, but precisely the opposite: It would surely give us a better perspective of our lives and the world around us. And having that better perspective would help us experience life more peacefully, more enjoyably, more deeply, more fully.

I myself want to know the answer to the ultimate question, but I don’t think philosophical answers would be enough for me and probably for most of us to fully comprehend. Philosophy is generally of little use until it is applied in everyday life. That is why I think art exists. As human beings, we often rely on our senses. Art helps us grasp the abstract, the un-imaginable, things we don’t understand within us, our emotions; it helps us see, hear, and feel. It is what this column seeks to accomplish – to hopefully make concrete and help understand something through writings of what I see, hear, and feel, my reflections on day-to-day experience.

How appropriate then for the column to be titled “I Want to See!” which I actually lifted from a book, and the name of the person who said this in the book, my pen name Blind Beggar Bart. Let me know if you guessed in which book and specific location in that book, my column title and pen name are found. And so, again, feel free to email me via admin@cafepearsall.com (for now) or go to Contact Us of this site. Hopefully I’ll have my own inbox once your emails start pouring in. ;-) [lol]

Join me in this journey of finding in our daily lives the answer(s) to the ultimate question.

Happy Easter! –BBB, 04/04/2010

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