Flushing Meadows, NYC: U.S. Open (Sep 2015)

As the US Open winds down to its final rounds, here are photos and video clips taken on Day 8 of the tournament, including the match between Isner and Federer, where Federer won to qualify for the quarterfinals. He will be playing at the finals against top seed Djokovic. For travel tools to visit the event and places shown on this page, click on the Travel tab. Enjoy! #USOpen

US Open 2015 Entrance

As soon as you get off the subway (the 7 Train, above ground) from Manhattan, a wooden walkway brings you to the US Open entrance tents, pictured above. On the other side of the subway track is the Mets Stadium. An unusual security measure is that backpacks are not allowed. If you had one, you would have to pay $5 to rent a locker right by the entrance tents.

US Open 2015 Ticket

The ticket only allows you to enter the tennic center grounds at a certain time before the game starts. There is an advantage then if you watch the daytime games because you would have the whole day to roam, but then again what matters more is who's playing in the games you're watching. ;-)

US Open 2015 Grounds

You can buy tickets just to roam around the Billie Jean King natinal Tennis Center grounds, without watching any game in either stadiums. The Ashe stadium so far is the largest in the worlkd in terms of capacity, for tennis use.

US Open 2015 Louis Armstrong Stadium

Before the huge Arthur Ashe Stadium came to be, it was the Louis Armstrong stadium.

US Open 2015 Doubles Match in Smaller Courts 

You can watch anymatch playing in the small open tennis courts within the grounds, like the one above, a junior girls' doubles match at court 11. The photographer did not finish the game; the European pair beat the Asians.

US Open 2015 Grounds & Flushing Gardens Globe in the Background

The Billie Jean King National Tennis Center sits right beside the Flushing Meadows - Corona Park. From the promenade section of the Ashe Stadium facing south one could see the park's globe in the background.

US Open 2105 View of Louis Armstrong Stadium & Grounds from the Ashe Stadium

The game at the Louis Armstrong stadium can be seen from the east side of the promenade section of the Ashe Stadium. On-going was the match between Anderson and Murray. Anderson won. 

US Open 2015 Ashe Stadium at Dusk

Inside the Ashe Stadium at dusk while waiting for the first of the 2 evening games. One could see the setting sun. The retractable roof still under construction is supposed to be ready by 2016.

US Open 2015 Sunset over the Manhattan Skyline Viewed from Ashe Stadium

Sun sets on the Manhattan skyline, viewed from the promenade section of the Ashe Stadium.

US Open 2015 Kvitova vs Konta

5th seeded Kvitova beat Konta in the first game of the evening.

US Open 2015 Federer vs Isner

Second seeded Federer beat Isner despite the latter's power serves. The audience rooted for either one who made a good move. :-)

US Open 2015 Scoreboard

Results updated on the scoreboard. Is it intentional that it is not still electronic?

US Open 2015 Souvenirs

Among the free souvenirs is a radio for you to listen play-by-play live updates from the major on-going games.

US Open 2015 End of Day

The huge crowd heads back to the subway for a free ride past midnight, tired but satisfied.