Central Park: New York City Marathon (Nov 2015)

1:30pm: While attempting to get to Central Park on a cool but sunny weekend in autumn, the NYPD barricaded Central Park West preventing people from crossing to the park.

Above, the City "that never sleeps" almost always holds a parade on weekends. One would think November 1st of 2015 would be no different and wonder what this "parade" is for, where people are wearing blue capes, seemingly keeping themselves warm... a Halloween parade? Ha!

Speaking of Halloween... spooky passing by the American Museum of Natural History (where the first "Night at the Museum" movie was filmed, starring the late Robin Williams) while trying to get around the "parade."

Columbus Circle, surrounded by NYPD cars. To the left (not seen in the photo), a band performs on a grandstand to cheer on the participants entering Central Park. Nope, it's not a parade; it's the NYC Marathon, which started around 9:20am. And both man and woman from Kenya already finished first after a little over 2 hours!

The marathon course passes through all 5 boroughs of New York City and participants get a chance to make their statement on the back of their shirts, like the one in red shirt saying "I'm making my miles meaningful with determination" and in orange shirt saying "Imagine a world without anger."

But my favorite is NYRR's (New York Road Runners) tag line seen on the side of the road (on blue board): "Run for Life"!

The New York City Marathon against the scenic Central Park on a beautiful autumn day.

Flags of different countries line the path close to the finish line, with participants even coming from as far as the other side of the globe. (And click here to choose the right Travel tools to visit other interesting places around the globe!)

One of the marathon's major sponsors is giant Tata Consultancy Services of India, a major provider of manpower and outsourcing to the world's financial capital (NYC). More stunning though are the autumn leaves illuminated by the sun. :-)

Finish line in sight! Notice the lighted horizontal board down the road. And there's the jumbotron to the left facing the stand on the right, where cheerers are seated. So this is where the people in blue capes walking along Central Park West came from. Ha!

...finally got to the originally planned destination: the Bathesda Terrace in Central Park. It is venue to at least 8 movies; two of the more popular are the musical "The Producers" (2005) with Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane, and "Made of Honor" (2008) starring Patrick Dempsey . The rest of the photos the famous park in autumn would have to wait another day, so keep visiting the Cafe ;-) 

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Oops! 5:30pm: Already done with the stroll and the sun gone, while coming out of the park, there's still an influx of runners now mostly just brisk walking towards the finish line only less than 2 miles away. At least they have completed one of the world's famous 26-mile marathon! Go, go, go! #TCSNYCMarathon