“I Want to See.”
by Blind Beggar Bart

The Scriptures Are Fulfilled

Dear Bart,
Today's gospel (1/24/2016) reminded me of one of my favorite scenes in Zefirelli's "Jesus of Nazareth": Jesus' reading of Isaiah at the start of his public ministry. I have embedded a clip from Youtube of that scene here:

Notice how the scene in the synagogue begins with the camera slowly moving as Jesus (portrayed by Robert Powell) walks toward the front of the crowd, how his face shown with holiness as he raises his head to say "Today, in your hearing...", how his veil positions as he says with piercing eyes, "Repent and believe the good news", and how Mary reflects on her son's inaugural speech to start his public ministry. With that, I then remembered that the previous Sunday's gospel narrates how she asked Jesus to perform a miracle at a wedding in Cana even though his "hour has not yet come." How can anyone who have seen this art work, not be convinced of the gospel story of Jesus, the messiah, in whom the scriptures are fulfilled? I recommend to your readers this mini series. -Movie Buff, 1/23/2016.

Dear Movie Buff,
It is unfortunate nowadays that media is used to spread falsehood. But the same media can also be used to evangelize and it's up to us to seize them for God's glory and the salvation of many. By all means, whatever medium has inspired you to cling to your faith, use it to inspire others. Remember as well, the second reading in today's mass (1/24/2016): We who are parts of Christ's body must also "bring glad tidings to the poor... proclaim a year acceptable to the Lord" -- fulfill the scriptures though us!

If you would like to email me and hopefully find my response in this column, please send it to admin@cafepearsall.com (for now) addressed to me, or go to Contact Us of this website. -BBB, 1/24/2016

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