“I Want to See.”
By Blind Beggar Bart

Bring Back the Real Christmas

Creche at the Church of St. Francis of Assisi, New York City, NY.Dear Bart,
As people start decorating for the Christmas season, it's saddening to seldom see "belens" (Nativity scene decors) anymore. I also remember being asked to display the Nativity scene so that people, especially children, will not forget that Christmas is about Christ being born. -Name Undisclosed, 11/27/2016.

Dear Name Undisclosed,
Although a lot of the holiday decorations have their origins in Christianity, particularly relating to the birth of our Lord (the star, the angel, santa claus, and even the practice of gift-giving, etc.) they have been secularized. That is, they are utilized to excite people during the holiday season for purposes -- good as they may be -- other than to commerorate the birth of our Lord. But the creche (Nativity scene) is one decor that could definitely help people, without a doubt, reflect on the "Babe of Bethlehem," traditionally started by St. Francis. It would most likely arouse curiosity to any child who sees such as a decoration that may initially look like toys to them, but would also provide the opportunity for them to be introduced to the true purpose of celebrating Christmas by their parents or guardians. It would also be an opportunity for any Christian to tell the story to anyone what Christianity is truly all about.

As we enter the Advent season, let us heighten our expectation of the Lord's coming by bringing back the real Christmas: Put up the creche as the center of your Christmas decorations, whether it be in your front yard or in your homes. They are far more valuable that any gift under the tree :-) -BBBart, 11/27/2016, 1st Sunday of Advent.

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