Review: The Story of Our Lives (Defy)

Defy, The Story of Our Lives (Cover Art)As some of us reach the later phase of our lives, we find ourselves often drawn by our curiosty to pry into the lives of the younger generation. I'm not only referring to parents being nosy of their children's goings-on (ha!), but to adults in general. Perhaps, it is because we want to find out what young people do nowadays that we were not doing when we were at their age (more likely, than vice versa ha!). Dismayed at myself, that was what I realized while reviewing this album. Come to think of it, it may have been the same even in the previous review (ha! again)!

"Ah, the passion of youth!" was my constant reaction, as I went through this expressive body of work. It is uncontained energy, as if it forced itself to break out of its shell. The frustrations of being misunderstood and of trying to understand, of love and life; the experimentation on new found independence and the testing of boundaries (such as the use of profanities which make some of the songs for adult listeners only) -- were all breaking out, in the words, renditions, and arrangements.

After satisfying our curiosity, after reminiscing while enjoying the songs, the irony comes when all these only led us to realize: that underneath all the passion is simply the drive to discover what we may have already come to learn with age. For me, that realization is ulitmately what makes this album worthwhile. I'm not dismayed at myself anymore. "Ah, the story of our [once young] lives!"

Below is an interview with Defy band member and the album's producer, Alec D. Enjoy!

Cafe Pearsall (CP): What made you decide to embark on this endeavor?
Alec: Simple, I love music, my bandmates love music and we wanna share something of ourselves to the world… or at least in the Philippines.

CP: What's in the name?
Alec: The band is called Defy and basically, it's to "Defy The Odds" and whatever. Why? It's because we wanna be different from the rest of the crowd. To stand out and all that. Now for the album, "The Story Of Our Lives", which is just basically stories of ours and everybody's experience in life.

CP: How do you describe your genre of music?
Alec: We're a mix of Pop Punk and Post Hardcore. I mean, both are of the Punk genres but varies within its extremities. Think of Sum 41 and Simple Plan and then you add in some Linkin Park (The rapping parts) and Killswitch Engage. Those are the best examples that I think of right now.

CP: What's new in what you offer?
Alec: We're a Filipino band that plays American style music. I guess that's "kinda" something new to offer to the world.

CP: What do you think generally appeals to your audience?
Alec: It's the raw tenacity, the conviction and relatability (not sure if that's a word.. sorry hahaha) of the songs that we make. I mean, we write songs that audiences can relate too. Be it about love or how awkward you are or regretting something you've haven't done to being alone or being hated amongst peers and relatives or just being yourself. We write from our experiences and a lot of people have gone through what we have been through and that's why people who have listened to us really appeal to us and our songs. Plus, we're pretty fabulous so that's a bonus :))

CP: What challenges did you encounter and what have you learned, considering you just recently came out of school?
Alec: I guess Time and Money are most likely the kind of challenges that everyone experiences, especially someone who just recently graduated. I mean, I'm [Alec D.] currently still looking a job that best suits my skills, while two of my bandmates (Zeke C. and Chris B.) have successfully found a job, my original drummer (Cash F.) is busy with his job and his other two bands and my back up drummer (Sam M.) is basically still studying. So you can just imagine how hard it is to manage a band when most of your members are working and studying and rehearsals are a tragedy because of my current situation and the fact that there's no available schedule for us to practice at the moment.

CP: Any one advice to those starting out?
Alec: Never give up I guess. Keep writing, keep playing. Do what you love and don't let other people drag you down. Learn from your mistakes and experiences.

CP: What are your future plans?
Alec: Future plans? To keep making more music that defies the expectations of our audience. For the better of course.

CP: In the meantime, what's up?
Alec: The ceiling obviously hahaha. But all jokes aside, we are working on some new stuff. Will also be trying to make more videos I guess.

CP: Last words?
Alec: Come check us out on our Bandcamp ( The album is free for a limited time only. Also like us on Facebook ( and follow us on Twitter ( Also, I love bacon <3

Defy (Band Pic)

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